About Andrew Froelich

<img src="baby-crying.jpg" alt="Bexar County Courthouse" />Andrew Froelich

Mr. Froelich is a graduate from Southwestern University and received his Juris Doctorate at St. Mary’s School of Law. Andrew is President Elect for SAYLA (San Antonio Young Lawyers Association) and is a member of the San Antonio Criminal Defense Lawyers Association. He is also a member of the Federal Bar Association and the Texas Young Lawyers Association.

Mr. Froelich started in the Harrison County District Attorney’s office for 2 years before moving to San Antonio. He has spent time as a prosecutor in Bexar County and numerous Judges have appointed him Special Prosecutor over the years. He is well respected by the Judges, and knows how prosecutors think. Protecting his clients’ rights is a passion.

“I am Defense attorney with a focus in Criminal Law and serving San Antonio residents since 2011. Sometimes, we just want to put an embarrassing situation behind us. If you need to keep your job or simply get on with life, I can provide a confidential case review and help explain your options. Oftentimes, it is the State’s choice on whether to offer you a reduced charge. I have successfully negotiated reduced charges for my clients, with my clients walking out of the courtroom the same day.”

One Final Note From Andrew

“I know the prosecutors. I know what they think before they think it. I know the process they go through when they evaluate a case.  Oftentimes, defense attorneys have a limited time to talk to a prosecutor and present their case. Instead of preparing a 45 minute closing statement, if you can attack the weak point of the State’s case, you have between 30 – 60 seconds to convince them that they have a weaker case than what they saw from the police report. There’s no one better than me at those 30-60 seconds. I can get a prosecutor’s undivided attention for one minute.”


(210) 725-4658 is my personal cell phone. You can have personal attention and reach ME, not a receptionist or a legal assistant or send an email.