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Andrew- Contact USProsecutors have the highest burden of any court in the United States – They have to prove their case BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT.  It is my job to remind the judge, remind the jury, and remind the prosecutors that even if there is evidence of guilt, they still have a burden to prove the case beyond any reasonable doubt.  Sometimes, that’s the difference between going free and time in prison.

When you choose an attorney, you should deal with someone experienced. But also someone who you can communicate your fears to. You need someone with whom you feel comfortable asking questions about the system, about your case, and about the potential consequences of your actions. Allow me,  Andrew Froelich, the opportunity to discuss your case. I want to be YOUR representation.




(210) 725-4658 is my personal cell phone. You can have personal attention and reach ME, not a receptionist or a legal assistant or send an email.