“I want to clear your name. I have tried over 100 cases to verdict.  I’m in courtrooms in Bexar County every day fighting for my clients.  Prosecutors and Judges know my reputation – I’m not afraid to fight for you and get you your day in court. I have had a multitude of cases dismissed prior to trial and yours could be next! I am an expert in approaching the right people to get the best possible results.”

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Need to keep this off your record? 

DWI, Possession, Speeding, Traffic Tickets, Warrants, Domestic Violence, Theft, Assault, Prostitution

“Sometimes, we just want to put an embarrassing situation behind us. If you need to keep your job or integrity, I can provide a confidential case review and help explain your options. Here are a few questions we’ll help you answer:

  • Are you eligible for Pre-trial Diversion?
  • Is deferred adjudication the right choice for you?
  • Can you have your charge reduced from DWI to obstruction of a highway?
  • What can you do to get the charge reduced?
  • Can I get a 12.44 reduction?

Keep in mind:

Oftentimes, it is the State’s choice on whether to offer you a reduced charge.  I have successfully negotiated reduced charges for my clients, with my clients often walking out of the courtroom the same day.

Stay out of Jail?

Making an appointment with Andrew Froelich for a case review may reveal loopholes and weaknesses in the state’s case that you didn’t know existed.  Are you entitled to a dismissal?  Contact us  today to find out.

“Everyone has a story and everyone has a defense.  In every case, there is a defense… a weak point. Sometimes, that weak point is a traffic stop.”

  1. Did the officer articulate the reason for the stop correctly?
  2. Were you detained legally?
  3. Was the search justified?
  4. Are they missing key pieces of evidence?
  5. Most importantly, can they prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt?

Even if YOU feel THEY have a strong case, contact me!  I will do a free confidential case review and work with you to find solutions YOU DIDN’T EVEN KNOW YOU HAD!

My job is to analyze and find weaknesses in the case and get you a plea bargain offer you can live with… or a trial strategy that could win.  Then we can talk about strengths and weaknesses in your case and make a decision about your individual situation that works best for YOU.

(210) 725-4658 is my personal cell phone. You can have personal attention and reach ME, not a receptionist or a legal assistant or send an email.